A wealth of experience
with processing in Vietnam

Seafood Processing in Vietnam

We use our independent routes to
procure global seafood raw materials

Global Seafood Procurement

Global Partner for Seafood Products

In order to ensure trouble-free production of seafood products, after purchasing raw materials from overseas,
we undertake the consignment process ourselves.
In dealing with foreign countries and their differing cultures and customs,
we also act as a cross-cultural coordinator.
We take great pride in the trust we have built with both buyers and sellers,
as well as those who outsource processing to us and those who come to us for commission.

Outsourced Seafood Processing
in Vietnam

Paving the Way for the Future of Global Seafood Processing

The demand for outsourced seafood processing in Vietnam is increasing every year as companies continue to switch from processing in third-party countries such as China and Thailand.
However, due to differences in language, time zones, and culture, outsourced processing of fisheries in Vietnam at times can lead to unexpected problems. In response to this, our head office and local resident staff in Vietnam are working closely to act as the hands and eyes of our customers in the commissioned processing of seafood products.




Our staff in the head office as well as those residing in Vietnam are well versed in vietnamese culture and business practices. As such, we can accurately convey your instructions to the factory in real time.




This allows you to leave all the day-to-day production and quality control issues to us. Due to there being no need for your staff to visit the factory, you can reduce the time and cost of on-site production and focus more of your time on domestic sales and marketing.




Our staff is also well versed in seasonings, raw materials, and packaging materials that can be procured in Vietnam, which enables us to provide expert advice on the best route for your product creation.




Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many aspects of business have changed dramatically. We use state of the art technology such as remote auditing and inspection operations via ZOOM to deal with potential problems such as restrictions on business travel or the ability to enter the field.



There are not many companies that specialize in Vietnam’s outsourced seafood processing. We are the only company in the industry with accumulated years of experience and the knowledge enabling us to provide services resulting in satisfied customers.




We can act as your agent and advise you on necessary management forms and documents in accordance with international standards such as HACCP, ISO, GFSI, trade documents in relation to TPP, and even box labeling and additional materials required when importing products into Vietnam from third-party countries.

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