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Contributing to the production and distribution of seafood products that transcend national borders

Since 2020, the global spread of the new coronavirus has changed the world. The Japanese manufacturing industry, which has previously relied on trainees from overseas, experienced a shortage of workers, and the Japanese market, which had benefitted by imported products, experienced a shortage of goods as the supply chain broke down. Inflationary pressures intensified in the countries that were quick to recover. Japan, whose GDP per capita has been stagnant for 30 years, has struggled in buying competition to the extent that we now face an uncertain future.

In the midst of this situation, there is, however, a silver lining in that the SDG’s and decarbonization are gaining momentum. Over-packaging, over-emphasis on appearance, increased waste, and the pursuit of “excessive safety” just to escape responsibility, have not only increased costs, but have placed an excessive burdon on resources. These issues are now being reconsidered on a global scale. The era of choosing products based on price and appearance alone has come to an end with the increased focus on sustaining the environment for the next generation.

Not only is this a challenge for all producers today, but the market is likewise looking for solutions. How can we make effective use of limited marine resources? How can we realize manufacutring that takes the global environment into consideration? In addition to food, safety, and security, we are ever conscious of possible ways to pass on these limited resources to our employees, the families of our business partners, and future generations.

In this age of uncertainty, we wish to be mindful of these issues that often do not get the consideration they deserve.

Company President

Takeshi Dobashi

Takeshi Dobashi went to Alaska as a part-time student, after which he worked at a fishery for three months.
As a result of his experiences, he became interested in the fishery trade and subsequently entered industry.
After graduating from university, he worked for a seafood trading company starting in 1989, where he spent time on a pelagic tuna ship, a mother ship processing sweet shrimp in the Arctic, purchased marine products from Asian countries, Europe, and Russia, and also operated seafood processing plants in Asian countries before he started his own company, Dover Seafoods Co. Ltd., in 2009.

Takeshi Dobashi